Bronze and Brass Money Clips

Bronze is typically a mixture of copper and tin where brass is copper and zinc. Both metals are softer than stainless steel though also have non-corrosive properties which make them suitable for money clips. Since the metals are softer than steel it’s possible that they may show scratches and dents before a heavier metal would. When purchasing a money clip, think about the person who will be carrying it and how rough they could be on it over a period of time. The metals are beautiful and make good money clips for the right person.

Money clips are handy. Weighing much less than your average wallet, they are the perfect way to organize your cards and bills. Not only that, but they are stylish and-- if well cared for-- last for decades. Keep your cash in it when you are heading to do the groceries, play poker (, or if you are headed out for a jog. You never know when you might need it.

There are many different kinds of money clips on the market. Besides various metallic and magnetic options, a recent addition is one made of carbon fiber. Other innovations are possible, such as a money clip wallet, for those who wish to carry a bit more than cards and cash. Bronze and brass are two very beautiful metals, hence their use for designing original money clips for fashionable customers