Money Clip Benefits

   1.  A money clip is safer. Next time you are out and about, look at the back pockets of men. You will see what an indent the wallet makes in the pocket. This makes the carrier a prime target for thieves who’ve perfected the skill of pick-pocketing.
   2. A money clip is easier. With a money clip you have faster access to your cash and credit cards, no more fumbling around with a wallet and all it entails. Think of it as less material between you and your cash.
   3. A money clip is lighter. Don’t believe us, weigh a money clip and weigh a wallet. Hands down the money clip will be lighter every time. Mentally, lighted your load with a money clip where you’re only taking what you need.
   4. A money clip is personalized. There are more options to customize and personalize a money clip than a wallet. They make great conversation pieces and help others get a glimpse into your personality if you so wish.
   5. A money clip is organization on steroids. Don’t fumble around looking for your credit cards or bills with a wallet. Just grab your cash and go. Keep your wallet for all those cards you rarely use and take the money clip when you’re making things happen.
   6. A money clip saves time. Not to beat a dead horse, but grabbing cash is quicker in a money clip and when minutes count you can’t beat the money clip.
   7. A money clip is less expensive. Next time you’re in a department store check out the prices on designer wallets versus designer money clips. We’re betting that in most instances, you’ll find the money clip cheaper…which leads us to benefit 8,
   8. You can have multiple money clips. Since money clips are relatively affordable, personal and easy to move things in and out of, many money clip carriers have multiple money clips. They have the money clip they take to the office, the money clip they take out at night and the money clip they take to the golf course.
   9. A money clip is pretty cool. We’re biased but think that a money clip is pretty cool. Less trouble, looks good and connotes that “here’s a no nonsense type of man.” Of course, trends come and go, but at the moment the money clip is a hot commodity.
  10. A money clip makes a great gift.
A money clip can be a personal or impersonal item depending on who’s giving it and how it’s personalized. It can be great gift for graduations, corporate events, wedding parties, or for that someone special. The price is right and the sentiment is meaningful.