Money Clip Uses

Over the years, we’ve heard stories from people depicting alternate uses of the money clip. Below we’ve compiled a list of our favorites. If you have unique ways that you use a money clip, please email us at and we’ll publish to our user base. Thank you.
  1. To hold receipts when returning items to stores.
  2. To hold coupons when shopping
  3. In a pinch for a professional looking business card holder – grab a money clip.
  4. Have lots of frequent flyer cards hanging around – clip them with a money clip.
  5. Run out of stickies, hold multiple to-do lists and post it notes together with a money clip.
  6. Going somewhere and need to bring multiple forms of identification; birth certificate, proof of residence, eye test, car title, etc., perfect occasion to clip it all together with a money clip.
  7. Going to a conference and you’re going to be collecting business cards from people, a money clip is a secure professional looking way to collect cards.
  8. Money clips can be used to secure your top ten baseball cards or other collectable cards.
  9. Not necessarily recommended, but money clips have been used to secure headphone cords to ones t-shirt so that the cord doesn’t move around so much when exercising.
  10. Only a dad can appreciate clipping a pacifier to a belt with a money clip so that it’s readily available when needed.
  11. Don’t want someone to know you have cash on you, use your money clip to clip cash to the inside of your sock.